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Saturday, April 04, 2015

An Excerpt From My Shayne Ward & Mike Stock Interview

So here's the deal: Mike Stock, pop legend, produced Shayne Ward's upcoming fourth studio album, Closer. It's out next weekend, on April 12. (You can pre-order on iTunes, worldwide.) As you might know, I've been crowing about this here and over on Idolator since last fall. And the album is worth crowing about, because it's pretty great. It's not dance-pop or modern R&B, as you might expect from Mike and/or Shayne, given their past output, but it's a nice set of original Philly soul/Motown throwbacks with a few current-sounding upbeat numbers in there, too. I think it's even better than Sam Smith's record, because it doesn't make you want to fall into a dark depression and slit your wrists with each listen.

Naturally, I had to seek these two out and interview them. What I didn't realize is this: While both Shayne and Mike have been doing rounds of interviews to promote the album, I was the only one (so I'm told) to get them both at the same time, together in the same room.

Shayne and Mike gave me a good 40 minutes or so of their time recently, so we covered a lot of territory. I'll be posting the full chat over on Idolator this coming week.

Until then, I tossed an excerpt up already, which you can read here. It's all about my favorite Closer track, "The Way You Were." Listen to a minute-and-a-half clip above...it's pretty rad, as far as pop in 2015 goes.

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