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Monday, April 27, 2015

Mariah Carey's New Single "Infinity", AKA Her Latest "We Belong Together" Remake: Listen

I get it: When your career starts sliding off the rails and crashing into a ditch, it's best to return to doing what you do best. And I really want Mariah to win when all is said and done in this super floptastic phase she's been going through for the past six years.

Alas, I don't know if "Infinity" is going to be the song that returns her to former glory, despite the fact that it's being tacked onto her upcoming #1 To Infinity collection (out May 18) of all her chart-topping hits. (Pulling a lofty stunt like that is always a gamble.)

Basically, the pacing of "Infinity" is set to High Snooze, it sounds easily like it could have been a leftover from last year's disastrous Me. I Am Mariah album and the whole thing has way too many not-nearly-as-good echoes of Carey's 2005 comeback smash "We Belong Together."

I guess the upside is that Mimi's got a new team behind her, a new label deal and this is essentially nothing more than an extra track on a collection of already-released material.

Lyrically, some of her tell-offs (aimed at Nick Cannon?) are comical here. But musically, we've heard this one before from Mariah. Roll on the true Mimi 3.0, with a whole new sound, dahling.