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Thursday, October 01, 2015

JoJo's "When Love Hurts": Watch The Video For One Of The Year's Classiest Jams

Now, usually when love hurts, it's because someone jammed their D up the wrong entrata or uscita, kids — without using spit. But in JoJo's case, she's referring to the pain of two people at odds in their relationship here on "When Love Hurts," the main single off her, um, #tringle, III.

Now, the video looks like it was made for six bucks and a pack of Tic Tacs that were used to bribed the night guard down at the recycling center, so he'd let JoJo and her friends pile in and vogue in front of two cameras and a wind machine for an hour.

BUT NO MATTER! This '90s throwback jam is the best major-label thing JoJo's done in years! Well, okay, it's the only major-label thing she's done in nine years. But anyway...



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